AmandaBeing part of your child’s school day has a significant impact on your child’s experience of education. 

We welcome parents and carers to become really involved in our school/centre. We want to talk to you about all the things we do and we value your help and suggestions.

Amanda is our parental involvement worker, and is usually in the corridor every morning between 8.45 and 9.15 and every afternoon between 12.30 and 1.00 to talk to parents about any news, information or events that may be taking place. She also runs many courses and activities for parents, including the Lending Library, Craft Shop and the Family Learning course. See upcoming events for dates and more information.

Please remember that you can come in to the rooms to join in, help with an activity or read a story at any time. We produce information regularly throughout the year to tell you of developments and events.

Facebook page

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Car parking

Just a reminder that the school car park is for staff and visitors only unless you have a blue disability badge for yourself or your child. If you can, why not walk to nursery with your child? If you do have to drive, please park considerately and not on the zig-zag yellow lines.

On time every day!

An important way that we can do the best for our children is to make sure that they attend nursery on time every day.  If your child is poorly, you must phone in and let us know. If your child doesn’t arrive at nursery and we don’t know why, we will phone you to find out. Please let us know if you change your mobile number.

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