Our cluster

Welcome to the West Bradford Children’s Centre Cluster, part of St Edmund’s Nursery School and Children’s Centre Services. Our children’s centres offer a range of high quality activities for families with young children, including family support and Stay and Play sessions.

Our seven children’s centres work closely together, and families living in the West Bradford area can access services at any centre. We have a single phone number for the cluster, call 01274 544922 to be put through to your local centre.

For the latest news from the cluster, have a look at our Facebook page.

The centres share a central management team, who are based at St Edmund’s. Our work is part of the Integrated Early Years Strategy, and is funded by Bradford Council. We work closely with partners including health visitors, midwives, schools and community centres. The Integrated Care Pathway (ICP) maps out the responsibilities of the different services. Children's centres are responsible for a contact with all children at 6 month and 18 months, as well as supporting eligible children to access a Two Year Old Early Education place.

The seven children’s centres in the cluster are:

West Bradford Cluster

Allerton Children’s Centre

Avenel Rd, BD15 7PQ (at the back of Ley Top Primary School)


Crossley Hall Children’s Centre

Shuttleworth Lane BD8 0JP (at the back of Crossley Hall Primary School)


Farnham Road Children’s Centre

Farnham Road BD7 3JE (in Farnham Road Primary School)


Lidget Green Children’s Centre

Birks Fold BD7 2QN (in Lidget Green Primary School)


Princeville Children’s Centre

Princeville St BD7 2AG (at the back of Princeville Primary School)


Thornton Children’s Centre

Thornton Rd BD13 3NN (at the back of Thornton Primary School)