September 2017 - Red and Yellow Classes

Our topic in Red and Yellow class this half term is ‘Ourselves’.

We have lots of new children joining us and we will be learning all about each other. We will be talking about what we like and don’t like, what we look like and all the things that make us unique. Our more familiar children will…

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September 2017 - Letter from Anne-Marie

Dear parents/carers,

A big welcome to all our new families and welcome back to our returning families. September is always an exciting and busy time of year. We do hope all our new children settle quickly, please talk to your child’s key person if you have any concerns.

We have lots of…

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September 2017 - Blue and Green Rooms

We would like to welcome all our new children who have joined us this term, including Yusuf, Raeesa and Bobby who have joined Blue Room from our Baby Room, and Yahya, Zakariya, Alaizah, Khadija, Joice and Sophia who have joined Green Room.

In our staff team, Henna has moved to Yellow Class, and…

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September 2017 - Birth to 2s

We have said hello to many new children this term – Ayesha, Bartosz, Fajr, Alex, Sarah, KJ, Meerab, Haadiya, Rawa and Aaminah. Welcome to everyone, and happy birthday to Meerab.

In our Birth to 2s room, young children are encouraged to explore water, paint, messy materials. At this age they…

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June 2017 - Parental Involvement

As usual there are lots of activities for families going on at St Edmund’s throughout the term that you are welcome to join in with – story time on Mondays 8.45 to 9.15 and Fridays 12.45 to 1.15 and singing sessions on Wednesdays at 8.45 and 12.30.

Please come and join in!

Book Fair 12th –…

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June 2017 - Birth to 2s

In Birth to 2s we have been outside a lot, including a trip to the park. All the children are enjoying the new water feature that we have in nursery.

We would like to welcome Mohammed Umar and Musa Mustafa to the Birth to 2s room, and wish Arissa a happy birthday. We would also like to welcome…

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June 2017 - Letter from Anne-Marie

Dear parents/carers,

It’s hard to believe we are already in the last term of the school year. Time goes by so quickly! If your child is leaving us to move to primary school you will soon be given information about the arrangements for visiting their new school and for the staff to visit the…

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June 2017 - Red and Yellow Classes

This half term red and yellow class will be exploring the sea. Our core story is a non-fiction book ‘Under the Sea’ by Anna Milbourne but we will also be reading ‘Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister.

We will be discussing what lives u nder the sea. We will also be sharing our own experiences of…

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June 2017 - Blue and Green Rooms

Last half term as part of Road Safety Week, children in Blue and Green Rooms enjoyed the Road Safety Puppet Show. In Blue Room we also went shopping to the supermarket, looked at the environment and talked about what we could see. In the warm weather just before half term the children enjoyed the…

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May 2017 - Artist in Residence

When I arrive at nursery, the first thing I always try and do are my rounds of saying hello. Apart from the importance of saying hello of course, it is also to see what's been going on - so much happens in a week. 

In the studio with Yellow Class

A new group, and although I have only 4 weeks…

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April 2017 - Red and Yellow Classes

On Monday 24th April Red and Yellow Class launched our new topic ‘Let’s Investigate’ with a visit from Science Boffins. This magical science show has inspired us to become scientists. Through this topic we will explore cause and effect and change. We will be making predictions and carrying out our…

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April 2017 - Blue and Green Rooms

Blue Room would like to send a warm welcome to Amelia and Iqra who have joined us from Birth to 2s. We also have some children who have come from home – hello! Rishi and Taha have left us to move up to Yellow Class, and Aqib has joined Red Class. We would also like to welcome the two new fish in…

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