November 2017 - Artist in Residence

The Big Draw 2017

As you may well have seen from the September Newsletter, last term St Edmund’s won a Big Draw award. This year the theme is “Living Lines” which can be interpreted in any way people wish. Some children loved seeing the lines that they had drawn wriggling on their tummies!…

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May 2017 - Artist in Residence

When I arrive at nursery, the first thing I always try and do are my rounds of saying hello. Apart from the importance of saying hello of course, it is also to see what's been going on - so much happens in a week. 

In the studio with Yellow Class

A new group, and although I have only 4 weeks…

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March 2017 - Artist in Residence

Conversations in Red and Yellow Class

This week I have decided to use some photos and conversations to see if you can “guess what went on”. I think they show quite a lot.

Conversation 1



‘What’s that?’

‘They taking one’

‘Yours the proper…

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February 2017 - Artist in Residence

Today I walked into Yellow Class and I loved what Dina had set out - pallettes with different things in each section of the palette, powder paint, foam, gel. She said the children were enjoying mixing and I thought it was lovely to have small quantities in each section - for experimentation etc. I…

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January 2017 - Artist in Residence

Sticks can be great as a drawing material on light boxes. For making spiders? For using as imaginary phones? I think the light boxes need my attention as I was thinking about was how I (we) don’t use the lightboxes well enough, I prefer to set them up with possibilities using the scrap materials,…

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