The internet offers a means to share and communicate in a variety of different ways. St Edmund’s supports children to use computers as part of their learning experience; we talk to children about Internet safety, and make sure that the sites children access when they are in the school/centre are safe.

Parents and carers need to take equal care at home:

  • Keep the computer/laptop in a communal area such as a family room where you can keep an eye on what your child is accessing on the internet.
  • Use an appropriate filtering system to minimise opportunities to access unsuitable material – if you are in doubt about the filtering system you have in place you can contact your service provider to discuss how you can limit access to inappropriate internet sites e.g. pornography or gambling websites.

Get your child into good habits early – make it a rule that:

  • Your child always checks with an adult before they use the Internet or email.
  • Your child only talks online to people they know.
  • Your child never tells anyone how old they are, where they live, or arranges to meet someone they don’t know.
  • Your child only uses the Internet to look for things they know they are allowed to look at. If they’re not sure they should check with an adult before they search.
  • Your child is polite when they talk or post things on the Internet and doesn’t say things that will upset people.

Your child should also know that if they see anything that worries or upsets them on the Internet or in an email that they ask an adult for help straight away. More information is available at Get Safe Online.

Other useful links:


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