Pupil Premium

What is the Early Years Pupil Premium  (EYPP)?
The EYPP was introduced by the government in April 2015. It is additional funding (roughly £300 per year per eligible child) for early years settings to improve the education they provide for disadvantaged 3 and 4 year olds. It is designed to narrow the attainment gap between young children from low-income families and their peers by improving the facilities, equipment and learning experiences to benefit the growth and development of eligible children. More information about the EYPP is available at www.gov.uk/guidance/early-years-pupil-premium-guide-for-local-authorities

The Early Years Pupil Premium at St Edmund’s
We are committed to ensuring the highest possible standards for our children. Staff work with parents to ensure all families who are eligible for the EYPP receive the award.  For those children entitled to EYPP we identify the most appropriate way to meet the needs for each individual child. We spend our EYPP allocation following discussion between staff and parents/carers; we also take into account the key person’s knowledge of the child in the nursery and the child’s assessment data. We are flexible in our approach to respond to individual needs.


Identify the needs of eligible children

(who – parents/staff)

(what - parents & staff knowledge/observations/data*/outside agency info)

Identify any possible trends amongst the eligible children

(who – staff)
(what - staff knowledge/data)

Consider how the funding will be used (individual/pooled) and expected impact

(who – staff)
(what – observations/data)

Consult with parents

(who – staff/key person)

(what - parents & staff knowledge/observations/data/outside agency info)

Allocate funding; implement strategy/strategies

(who – staff)
(what – strategy/strategies)

Measure the impact

(who – staff)
(what – observations/data)

Evaluate – inform next cycle

* Data includes levels of well-being and involvement, characteristics of effective learning, developmental milestones across all areas of EYFS and developmental language screening.

Early Years Pupil Premium Action Plans

Each child has an EYPP Action Plan.  The impact of the extra support is evaluated each term when staff complete children’s ‘my learning pictures’ and assess the children against age-related developmental milestones.  Staff build on this, planning the next intervention to ensure progress is sustained.

Academic year 2016 – 2017 (EYPP grant allocation: £6,868)

The main barriers to learning faced by children eligible for EYPP were:

  • Speech, language and communication difficulties
  • Low self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Self-regulation difficulties
  • Physical difficulties
  • Some children (due to provision taken) were missing some of the wider experiences offered within the nursery.

In order to address these barriers for eligible children the grant allocation was spent as follows:

  • To support self-regulation and physical skills - football sessions with Matt
  • To promote language skills - creative arts sessions with Lou Sumray, our artist in residence
  • To promote language skills and self-regulation - music sessions with Judith
  • To promote language skills, physical skills and self-regulation - Forest School sessions
  • To promote language skills - parent and child story sessions with Amanda
  • Supported places over and above the free entitlement
  • Additional hours plus lunches
  • Individual resources for children in relation to their needs, e.g. Thrive sessions, Jabadao (movement), dialogic reading
  • Individual resources for children in relation to their interests, e.g. Woodwork