Leadership Team

Sian Hudson                            Executive Headteacher

Ermina Kesedzic                      Assistant Head (SENDCO) 

Kimberley Middleton                Assistant Head  

Amanda Nicholson               Business Manager 

Parental Involvement 

 Maryum Nazir                         Parental Involvement Worker

Juraj Tancos                            EU Migrant Support Worker

Admin Team

Zieadh Pirveen                        Admin Assistant

Caroline Hicks                         Admin Assistant

Leah Greaves                         Administrator (Finance)

Emma Clifford                         Administrator (HR) 

Birth to 2's room

Noshaba Akhtar                      Early Years Support Worker

Georgina Town                       Early Years Practitioner

Kirsty Holdsworth                   Early Years Support Worker

Raveen Ikhlalc                       Apprentice

Blue Room

Kim Tran                                  Early Years Practitioner

Lubna Tariq                              Early Years Practitioner

Georgia Balmforth                   Early Years Support Worker

Kolsuma Sultana                     Early Years Support Worker

Olivia Kelly                              Early Years Support Worker

Roma Hussian                        Apprentice 

Green room

Claire Collins                            Early Years Practitioner

Sohail Shapal                           Early Years Practitioner

Salma Iqbal                              Early Years Support Worker

Marie Housam                          Early Years Support Worker

Hamida Ditta                            Early Years Support Worker

Hafsah Malik                            Early Years Assistant 

Ijazur Rahman                         Apprentice              

Red room

Mohammed Bilal                       Class Teacher

Diane Collins                            Early Years Practitioner

Ann-Marie Leadbeater             Early Years Practitioner

Robert Popik                            Early Years Practitioner

Vanessa Joseph                      Early Years Practitioner

Lauren Hunter                         Early Years Practitioner

Jodie Illingworth                      Early Years Support Worker

Ansa Mahmood                      Apprentice

Haleema Shah                        Apprentice    

Yellow room

Dina Gulbe                             Class Teacher

Emma Jackson                       Early Years Practitioner

Danielle Clarke                       Early Years Practitioner

Wajib Khan                             Early Years Practitioner

Hazra Khalifa                          Early Years Practitioner

Sumayyah Zeb                       Early Years Practitioner

Huma Shehzad                      Early Years Practitioner

Nabeela Younas                    Early Years Support Worker  

Romana Nawaz                      Apprentice 

Tanya Rafaqat                         Apprentice


Support for children with additional needs

Ann-Marie Leadbeater             Senior Early Years Practitioner

Nabeela Younas                      Early Years Support Worker

Hafsah Malik                            Early Years Support Worker

Jodie Illingworth                       Early Years Support Worker

Tanya Rafaqat                         Apprentice

Site Support

Lindsey Marks                          Chef

Hajra Patel                               General Kitchen Assistant

Sadia Sheikh                            General Kitchen Assistant

Sobia Razaq                            Lunch time Supervisor

Almas Razaq                            Lunchtime Assistant

Bushra Bashir                           Lunchtime Assistant

Shabina Kousar                        Lunchtime Assistant

Shazia Shahzaad                      Lunchtime Assistant

Azra Bi                                      Cleaner

Imtiaz Begum                            Cleaner

Malgorzata Kurkiewicz              Cleaner

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